Truffle scented gala lunches and dinners: NH Milano Palazzo Moscova inaugurates the Truffle Restaurant

Prices and chic dinners, with a taste of truffle, in the perfect Autumn style? Today it is possible thanks to the inauguration of the Truffle Restaurant and Cocktail Bar of Savini Tartufi inside the NH Milano Palazzo Moscova. The new restaurant inside the sophisticated 4 stars is open also to external clients.

Savini is a family of Tuscan truffle experts for four generations, with a real passion that has been handed down from father to son. Inspired by the knowledge of the father, Giuseppe Savini created the business, Luciano listened to the offer and with Cristiano the company opened up to the world, and today it exports in over 40 countries. Thus the Truffle Restaurant is fast becoming a reference point for all lovers of high cuisine where to taste culinary offers in which truffle is the main ingredient (though every dish is created to be served even without). Furnishings, decorations and exquisite design solutions have been thought of to evoke the forms and the chromatic hues that are typical of a Tuscan wood, the place of origin where the prestigious tuber that Savini works with even today in a traditional way. There are various tones of green used for seating to a brown canaletto chestnut in the boiserie, the bar counter and the exhibition furniture. Details in brass also give a touch of preciousness to the entire environment, the same preciousness that characterises the truffle. 

The Truffle Restaurant and Cocktail Bar is developed in two halls – one dedicated to the lounge area of the bar and one to the restaurant – for a total of 125 metres squared. From the hotel entrance one enters the lounge in which the balcony in canaletto chestnut planks that with its design recalls the movement of the tree trunks, whereas on the background a wood imagery runs along all the main wall and surrounds the guest inside the territory of the truffle. The trip proceeds in the restaurant hall, where a “small shop” – with brass columns and glass shelves surrounded by a vertical wood – recalls once again the origins of the main ingredient of the menu. At the center of the hall, the main attraction is the lunching table made with blocks of Carrara marble and wooden parallelepipeds from which real Cypress trees “emerge”. 

The a la carte menu of the restaurant is a real Truffle Experience: the chef Emil Cerioli offers a cuisine that is taken care of in its smallest detail, where the primary materials are enhanced by their combination to fresh seasonal truffle. Among the most representative dishes: the classic tagliolino with tartufo, the egg 62 with truffle and to end sweetly the Dai Dai desert with truffle scent honey. The Milanese boutique hotel thus broadens its offer divided into 4 different typologies whereas for small meetings and events there are an intimate business lounge and the private external terrace. 

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