Venice is the most expensive, Milan is decreasing by 12.5%: the hit list of the Italian cities where hotels cost more

Expo is over, and perhaps in part even its positive effect, the prices of hotels in Milan are decreasing even during the third trimestre of 2016. The Lombard capital, with an average cost of 112 Euros per night is overcome by two Venetians Venice and Verona who, respectively with 150 and 120 Euros per night, register a +5.6% and +3.5%. Negative trend even for the city of Bolzano that decreases by 7%, whereas all the other Italian cities increase the average rate per night captained by Naples that, even though it remains among the most economic (average price per room is 88 Euros), it registers a growth of 7.3%. Also a positive trend for Genoa +5.2%, Turin +4.4% and Florence +4%.

These are some of the main data diffused by the traditional barometer of HRS – Hotel Price Radar 2016 which analysed the average price of the rooms in over 150 business destinations all over the world in the third trimester of 2016. In Europe a record growth of 32.8% for the Nordic Oslo which doesn’t place as most expensive city (158 Euros) though, record which goes to Zurich with a price of 178 Euros per night, unchanged since last year. In the list of most expensive are also London with 170 Euros per night – even though with a double number decrease of 14.1% – followed by Copenhagen 169Euros, Stockholm 145 Euros, Amsterdam and Helsinki in equal place with 130 Euros per night. Prices on the increase for Prague +10%, Madrid +10.2% and Berlin +6.5%. Consistent decreases are registered in Istanbul -27%, and average rate per room of 70 Euros, and for Moscow which registers a -9.8% and a rate of 83 Euros. 


Sky-high prices in metropolis such as USA that leads the list of most expensive cities in the world. New York is absolutely the “hottest” destination with average rates per night of 255 Euros, even though it is decreasing by 3.8% compared to last year, followed by San Francisco at the rate of 247 Euros (+1.2%).A drastic decrease of prices continues to be registered in Brasil with Rio de Janeiro in a crisis (-23% with an average price of 114 Euros and San Paolo at 88 Euros down by 21.4% to which also Mexico City adds on registering a -15.2%. Even Dubai is heading in a negative direction, with a -11.3% compared to 2015 and a rate per room of 110 Euros.

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