Villa Durazzo Pallavicini: in Genoa one of the most beautiful gardens of Italy will re-open, exclusive location for the wedding day

After being closed for three years for restoration works, the reborn Villa Durazzo Pallavicini at Pegli, near Genoa, has opened since a few months. Its romantic harmony of one of the most evocative places of Genoa is thus available once again for visitors; built by Ignazio Pallavicini, with the design of the Genoese architect, sculptor, decorator and scenographer Michele Canzio. 

The Pallavicini park is a nineteenth century jewel and represents, for its architectural, artistic, landscape and botanical one of the most significant monumental historic gardens of Italy and Europe. The park develops by the side of a hill, that was completely transformed to generate flat spaces, large water reservoirs and an intricate array of itineraries that rise from the entrance up to 132 metres high. The existing landscape was transformed into an articulate romantic garden, created as a theatrical representation by Michele Canzio. The itinerary that he imagined is a sort of philosophic-masonic trip, that unfolds like a Greek tragedy in prelude, plot, three acts and exodus. A route that takes the visitor to carry out a walk in elevation: from the materiality of the base to the spiritual elevation at the top. 

During the works, various architectural elements were restored: the Temple of Flora, the Castle, and the Mausoleum of the Captain, the Egyptian Obelisk, the Gothic Tribune, the Roman bridge, the Turkish Cloister and the Cabrera, for about ten guests. The managers of the Villa – A.T.I. Villa Durazzo Pallavicini – can make available for guests both the communal space for the celebration as well as the photographic service. 

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