Say ‘I do’ in the cradle of art, history, music and good food.The demand of our clients is always more to organize an “experience”, therefore not only a marriage but a multi-day period that can become a real immersion in the spirit, in taste and in Italian style.

Newtours Venue Italia is the Italian Agency specializing in Events in Italy that thanks to its deep knowledge of the territory, decided to cross the experience of the events with the wedding-event organization.
Whether you want a religious or a civil service, a traditional or a modern style wedding, we have the knowledge and expertise to find that perfect venue to make your special day truly memorable.

But what are the demands and needs of foreign couples who decide to get married in Italy?
An elegant, country-flavored or beach party? A shabby chic or a princely reception? It seems silly, but this is the first consideration that will greatly help the newlyweds to hit their goal as quickly as possible and with maximum energy savings.

The exclusive ambiences are the ideal setting for weddings and unique events: from luxury wedding to ceremonies in contact with nature.
The choice is almost always on places that reflect the tradition and style “Made in Italy”.Luxury hotels and charming relais, villas, castles and historic palaces in exclusive use, which make the bride and groom feel the “Lords of the Palace” for one day.But also farmhouse, antique restored stables, transformed old barns for couples who prefer the authenticity of a casual and relaxed day.
Or again, by the sea, at sunset, lulled by the waves and surrounded by hundreds of white candles, or in former industrial spaces and loft for those who love contemporary and urban style.

That’s cool indeed!


We are events industry professionals who know all the opportunities that Italy offers from receiving to location, from their honeymoon in prestigious hotel to unforgettable tour of the fantastic places in Italy, the workshops, haute couture to addictive live entertainment.
We are at your disposal at 360 degrees to help you in choosing the location, features, colors, banqueting, music, the play of light, the photographer … and all the “elements” which make to welcome the newlyweds and their guests, make them move and interact with each other and with the environment.
Thanks to our selected preferred partners we can also provide the expert assistance in handling the paperwork so that you can be sure that everything has been taken care of correctly.

Catering & Banqueting

The choice is almost always on a mix of tradition and haute cuisine, historic trails and even show cooking.
The focus is on uniqueness and quality of services offered, keeping alive to your guests a real experience, linked to the territory.
So off to the typical tastings of traditional cuisine juxtaposed to the wines of the most prestigious labels, because the wedding in Italy is not only a time of celebration but a real journey of discovery of our country, both for the couple and for the family of the newlyweds and their guests.

Animation & Entertainment

Selecting the right entertainment can turn the wedding from being a ‘lovely day’ to ‘the best day ever’ and we can make sure this is exactly what you have!
From the bright butterflies show to a balloon flight, going through living statues, magicians, bubbles, sand artist … fireworks!

Live Music

The wedding is the most special day in everyone’s life, and there is nothing more ceremonious or celebratory than live music.
Having musicians live performances at your wedding ceremony or reception can be a truly magical experience with a special kind of atmosphere that is rarely found elsewhere.
Do you want a DJ set? A smooth jazz pianist for a chilled atmosphere? Or do you want a rock band to party to? A formal string quartet, a fun folk band to dance to, or a mix?

Bouquet & Flowers

From the bridal bouquet to his boutonnière, from the centerpieces to ceremony and reception décor, get beautiful floral ideas for this big day.
Celebrate big, billowing flowers with an exuberant large-scale arrangement: an armful of the flowers overflows a generous glazed-iron urn-shaped vase in an effortlessly elegant way. Tendrils of clematis winding through the blooms emphasize the cottage-garden feeling. Bouquets of corn and sunflowers elegantly arranged on the sides of ancient wooden wheelbarrows … there is something for all tastes and moods!

Cake, Favors and Decorations

Cake, Favors and Decorations are part of the wedding, not a glaring sideshow.
Which are the steps to follow to drawn a blueprint for the design and structure of the wedding cake?
The choice of the cake, the wedding favors and the set-up and decorations has to be compatible with the style of the venue, the season, the flower arrangements, and the menu.
We are here to help you out!

Photography & Videography

Long after the wedding cake is eaten, the wedding photo albums and wedding video will be the way to revisit some of the best moments of the wedding day. Seems like a pretty significant set of vendors, right?
The wedding photo album and wedding video can become keepsakes to be passed down to kids (and grandkids!).
So here we are to find out the perfect wedding photographer and videographer to capture “the big day” as well as wedding photo ideas make sure you end up with a well-rounded wedding photo album.

Charity Wedding Gifts & Gifts List

More couples are using their wedding day to spotlight social causes: ‘I give’ instead of just ‘I do’.
Include charity funds in wedding gift list and create a unique wedding with charity gifts.
The bride and groom can donate part of their gift fund to a charity of their choice. Gift lists are completely flexible and allow them to donate money to charity.
We will help you to search and choose registered charity and organizations with recognized charitable purpose.

Logistics & Transportation

Organization of transportation and accommodation for the bride, groom, and guest also from and to the Airport.
And on “the day” who does not dream to arrive hurtling on a Mustang or an old vintage Cadillac?
There are no rules for choosing the ideal car for the wedding, every choice is legitimate, even in romantic white horse or pony-drawn carriage sweet. Or a tractor!
The main secret to finding the best solution is to decide together.

Hotel Accommodation

Whether “ Mr and Mrs Smith” are hoping for traditional country house nuptials, a stylish city ceremony or a glamorous, exotic palace party, we will do our homework to bring them and their guests, the most inspiring hotels at the best value ever.

And if the bride and groom will not be able to greet all their guests upon their arrival, we can arrange for them a wedding welcome bag (or basket) of goodies which is a great way to say, “Hello, we’re glad you’re here!” right away.
That’s why many couples put together welcome bags for their guests. Want to do the same?

A Wedding Reception? No, a Weekend

Why not turn the wedding party in a long weekend of fun?
It is the best way to fully enjoy this magical moment especially when the guests come from far away.
Generally starts on Friday evening with a dinner for close friends and closest relatives, then it has a classic wedding lunch on Saturday and conclude on Sunday with a brunch or light lunch for a few or even a casual breakfast, maybe in the garden.
We can plan many different activities for the wedding guests, from the Wine Tasting and Cooking Tours to Private Boat Tour along the coast and Vintage Cars or Baloon Experience in the Countryside … or still a Quad Adventure!
We can take care of everything for you, from arrival gifts, welcome receptions, and local options for getting around to after-glow parties and next day-brunches.
And we have great ideas to keep kids happy too!

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