This is the most romantic kind of wedding. A dream that every woman wished for herself at least once in her life, even as a child: a princess dress, a Prince Charming husband, flowers galore, tens or hundreds of elegant guests and a location worthy of the event. Such as a castle, for example, with its architecture, the park, the cellars, the flowers, the story …
There are many in our Italy, but if you want to organize a really unusual reception, you might think of an exceptional location in the Monferrato Land, one of the great castles regions, fortresses and Renaissance gardens with frescoed halls, richly furnished … and great eighteenth-century labyrinth and over 1.200 hornbeam trees.

The Food Valley, with its Duchy of the Castles, is a territory to discover: emotions, history, art, culture, food and wine make up the unique lifestyle of this enchanting land whose heart beats to the rhythm of great music: that of the Maestro Giuseppe Verdi.

Castles, forts, fortresses, palaces and manor houses are modern fairy tales for an infinite journey into the mystery of time, through different eras, from the Middle Ages to the Twentieth Century through the Renaissance, Baroque and the Belle Epoque.

The Tuscan Val d’Orcia, a concentration of art, nature, beauty, taste and style, is another example of location that seems straight out of a fairy tale.
If the bride and groom are looking for a place that will make their big day a memorable event, where there is no lack of good food, good wine, flowers and an atmosphere of knights and ladies, then, this is their destination.

Umbria is another land of villages, castles and fortresses, all witnesses of a very intense historical period, amidst hills covered with meadows and spotted with woods.
Surrounded by the “Forest of Fables” inspired by a medieval legend, there is a real fairytale castle with turrets and towers and rooms with antique furniture, statues, large fireplaces and precious frescoes.

A long avenue of eucalyptus trees welcomes the newlyweds and their guests in a superb and elegant castle in Puglia near the sea and immersed in the countryside.

Sicily offers magnificent places to celebrate a regal wedding, thanks to the natural landscapes of great beauty and its historical and mythological beauty. From the charming abbeys and medieval castles to magnificent palaces and Baroque Cathedrals: this island is a melting pot of cultures and beauty, ideal give the “I do” a magical flavor.

Fairytale Wedding

Fairytale Wedding

Fairytale Wedding

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