If the bride and groom marry in the summer and love the informal atmosphere, it is very fashionable to have a party on the beach.
By the sea, perhaps at sunset, lulled by the waves and surrounded by hundreds of white candles: what could be more romantic and Mediterranean?

The whole party can have a maritime theme, from the menu up to wedding favours … not to mention the suitable set-up for the place of reception. The result will be a beautiful, elegant marina feast!

Amazing wedding receptions can be held in Liguria – from Cinque Terre to Portofino – with their the incredible sea vistas from luxury palace hotels or stunning villas. Imagine sipping a champagne cocktail while watching the sun setting into one of the world’s most breath-taking views of the Portofino Bay surrounded by lush gardens.
Many of the older buildings of the Riviera still display elaborate frescoed decorations in the trompe l’oeil style, which is a particular feature of this part of Liguria.

An all-glass central environment surrounded by the green of dense Mediterranean vegetation, which unfolds before you as if by magic, small oasis equipped with beds, sofas, chairs and umbrellas where guests can have drinks or snacks, in total privacy.
Or a wooden structure which recalls the style of the Californian “log cabin” of the ocean boulevards, a professional grill outside, a wooden veranda on the beach and part of the shore where you can set a stage, welcoming drink points, dancing areas, etc. … Even this is our Tuscany!

Say “I do” against the dramatic backdrop of the Faraglioni on the idyllic Italian Island of Capri, often labelled the most luxurious island in the Mediterranean and a real jewel for wedding destination in Italy.
The ceremony can take place in the gardens of one of the villas overlooking the sea followed by the wedding reception around the pool or on the terrace.

In the splendid setting of Sicily are hidden charm locations, sumptuous aristocratic houses with luxurious rooms and spacious beaches where to set astonishing and exclusive wedding event.

In Sardinia …amongst history and nature, suspended between sky and sea, rocky headlands and nuragic finds, white sandy beaches and ponds occupied by pink flamingos, barren and uninhabited islets and cliffs overlooking the cobalt sea and, there, at the top, a lighthouse that makes you feel “on top of the horizon”.

Where else to make “the most important day of your life” even more memorable?
Aboard a tall ship to live unique experience!
Imagine the most important day being staged against the setting of the sea lulled by the waves along the breath-taking coastline of Italy.
You can also opt for a symbolic ceremony being held by the ship’s captain.
A abundance of magical and enjoyable memories that will stay in the memory of the newlyweds and their guests forever.

Seaside Wedding

Seaside Wedding

Seaside Wedding

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