Decidedly contemporary is the Urban Style Wedding which is today a new hype: regardless of country traditional settings, they are the perfect option for those who love minimal style and would like to say “I do” in the city.
Thus, with the city as a backdrop and modernity as style, urban weddings are the new trend: Metallic or Industrial, Chic or Casual, Dramatic or Garage… these are the wedding inspirations of the new generation.
An interesting choice, especially if you get married in winter.
Nothing better than a former factory where originality breaks with the classical schemes: a complex of late XIX century industrial architecture, amid beautiful hilly surroundings of Valle Orco in Veneto, where the main hall is punctuated by cast iron columns with ancient turbines and control panels.

A strategic location, just a step from Milan with large basic spaces, high, full of light, full of history and hosting a wonderful collection of young Italian art: you walk into the past looking to the future.
Nothing better than a post-industrial style former warehouse or barracks not far from Rome, where originality breaks with the classical schemes.

Celebrations are all set in alternative locations, with minimal, fine decorations and present a discrete aesthetic effect, especially in the wedding feast.
As the name implies, no rural atmosphere for this reception, which instead prefers former industrial spaces, lofts, large local open space, modern decor and refined tastings for a very elegant overall effect.
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Urban Wedding

Urban Wedding

Urban Wedding

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