Nature, archaeology and folklore.
Naples has a style and atmosphere unlike any other city. This busy, noisy city is where small craftsmen live alongside amazing museums, churches and palaces. Spread infront of it is the Mediterranean. Behind it rises Mount Vesuvius. Close by is the stunning Amalfi Coast, the romantic island of Capri, Sorrento – and the timeless ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum.


• Magnificent sites alongside congress centres such as the Marittima Station, and many other modern buildings equipped to host meetings and events
• Countless archaeological sites and historical-artistic resources located within driving distance: Palazzo Reale, Sant’Elmo castle, dell’Ovo castle, Capodimonte museum.
• The sea-front Partenopean hotels, and those on the coastal islands, combine comfort and pleasures at a very good price/quality ratio, and a warm and professional welcome.
• Major events of contemporary art, music and performance.
• The beauty of the surrounding Amalfi Coast is listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site: Amalfi cathedral, the small villages rich in historical monuments such as Patrician villas. Also, modern architectural masterpieces like the Oscar Niemeyer Auditorium.


The area is served by 1 international airport
Naples is about 2 hours from Rome Intercontinental Airport by road or rail.

Hotels Accommodation

Over 505 Hotels, 57 ranked from 4- to 5-stars.

Congress Centres

The largest local conference hall can hold up to 6,000 seats.
We can help you choose from 160 other venues designed for events: apart from hotels and villas, historic houses, theatres, museums, castles and railway stations.

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