Amazon challenges Skype with Chime: coming soon is the new tool for online conferences

Amazon challenges video chat giants, such as Skype for Business, and launches a new tool to organise meetings and share files and images with a simple touch. It is called Amazon Chime and, as reported by TuttoAndroid, it is easy and user friendly since access. To participate to an online meeting, in fact, one doesn’t need Pins or passwords, but simply a tap on the screen one’s smartphone.


Amazon Chime, also, allows to know immediately who is online, who gets disconnected and who still has to participate to the meeting, all through its graphic representation. The tool is capable of connecting up to 16 people from computer or 8 from mobile devices, allowing  at the same time to share documents and the computer screen, but also register the video and audio of the conference.


But, there’s more: through an innovative technology, the system allows to clean audio from annoying environmental noises, allowing thus recordings of the the same quality  of the same video-conference. Amazon Chime includes a particularly aggressive registration rate, from the Pro solution, which costs $2.55 a month per user, to the Plus, that allows also to involve 100 participants at the same time for the price of $15 per user per month. Amazon Chime can be downloaded for free from Play Store.

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