AWE Events, first place award at the BEA for Noi Siamo Giuletta

The aim of the format, planned and produced by AWE Events, was that of involving in an original way all employees FCA, offering them a preview of the new car and making them an active part of the project. The pre-event strategy included a series of actions that contributed to creating an expectation and participation to the evening. A music context that stimulated the employees to send a demo of their company bands: the winners also performed live during the same event. Facebook and Instagram were the social showcase of the kermesse, and got a high participation with photos and videos made thanks to the tool present on the www.fuelyourinstinct.com website. The offices in Torino Mirafiori were the setting for operations of “contamination” to create teasing and buzz. At Arese event was held at the renovated Museo Alfa Romeo, with Skin as guest of honour, the leader of the band Skunk Anansie and Judge at X-Factor Italia. Over 1,500 guests and many famous personalities danced thanks to her DJ-set. At the same time in Turin, at the headquarters of FCA, an amusing show was held with the participation of about 5,000 employees. The evening, led by DJ Ringo of Virgin Radio, was animated by the performances of excellent guests. Piero Pelù and Marky Ramone – drummer of the historic Ramones, rock icons – performed in an amazing concert. The backdrop, a 20 meter layered structure on two levels entirely covered by tulle, thanks to the use of mega-projections and backlights served both as giant screen as well as “container” for musicians and performers: an innovative contest for concerts and for the exciting reveal of the car, undisputed queen of the evening. 

The production of the two events of Turin and Milan involved a total of over 100 people for designers, producers, technicians and artists and involved the company as no other before: over 15,000 employees reached through a production of 150,000 placemats with a call to action in 22 different corporate canteens, 1,000 posts with the event’s hashtag, 30 candidatures of the company’s bands, and finally connection with other European cities where the same event was being celebrated and to which the format of the evening was extended. “An extraordinary award that crowns various years of collaboration with a very stimulating brand, and one that represents a great acknowledgement for team work – creative and productive – that for the third consecutive year brought us on the podium of BEA. A great sign of approval for the total commitment of our Group in the sector of communication and events”, commented Daniele Rosso, CEO of Alessandro Rosso Incentive.



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