BoltFare, this is the chatbot that finds flights made to measure: the smartphone becomes a personal travel agency

Goodbye flight search stress, one of the main problems for those who often travel for business. To help corporate travel planners there is in fact BoltFare, the first chatbot that plans air transfers without having to visualise tens of sites and portals. 

In brief, with BoltFare the user can open a conversation with the service, with automatic answers but capable of adapting to every single need. In fact, after having collected the necessary information, the system will performa a research within its internal search engine. Based on the departure airport, arrival airport, preferences, the system will signal the most convenient and most suitable flights. To try it, according to Tom’s hardware, one has to visit the BoltFare site and click on the button Message Now. After giving consent, a normal chat will open through Facebook Messenger. 

The service is thought above all for those who travel often and this is confirmed by the fact that there is a small monthly subscription fee: Boltfare is in fact free for a one of research, whereas with a fee of $5 a month one can carry out unlimited researches. This personal assistant, a true travel agency on one’s smartphone, at the moment does not cover very well Italian and European destinations. However the developers are already at work to widen the offer. 

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