City ZEN, in Milano a beautiful and good location: here the event is ethical

There’s a new space in Milan that is able of bringing together business and wellness. City Zen offers itself as an eclectic location for “ethical” events during the upcoming events held in the Lombard capital city of fashion and design. 

The history of this multi-functional space, in fact, is a story of shared wellness. City ZEN is an oasis of peace in the heart of Milan – its address is in Via San Francesco, right in the historic centre – and it is above all a place where to practice ancient and modern disciplines and techniques, such as Yoga, Pilates, Meditation and Holistic arts, useful for a person’s wellness and interior peace. City ZEN is, at the same time, a social business that aims of generating profits to donate to those in need. 100% of the profits of City ZEN is donated to the Fondazione Francesca Rava NPH Italia Onlus. So, a literally good and beautiful space, where even meetings and presentation has a supportive heart. 

The large loft of about 500 metres squared is suitable for events of any kind, such as conferences, corporate events, team building, workshops, for photographic shoots and parties. City ZEN has 3 rooms of about 80 metres squared each that can be rented and used separately or as one large bright environment of about 200 metres squared made of two rooms and the lounge area. The profile of the space is completed by the warm atmosphere and the care in all its details, large windows, five metres high ceilings, floors of untreated wood and in cement, naturals colours with warm tones and recycled furniture. 

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There are also hi-tech equipment such as a video-audio system with a folding maxi screen, microphones and amplifiers, wi-fi.  

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