ExGalleria, in Catania event is tailor made

Brand new location in Catania, right in the heart of one of the most beautiful Sicilian cities, the ExGalleria is created from the careful restoration and reconversion of the spaces that originally hosted the art gallery Cefaly, in the Piazza Trento area.

Today, in a palace situated in one of the most elegant areas of Catania, a space for any kind of meeting is opening, a space that can bring together various elements of the original building, such as the decorated cement flooring and the wooden doors and windows fixtures are a shiny black. The main entrance, almost at an angle with Via Firenze, overlooks Via Musumeci, an important connection road to the city centre, Viale XX September and Corso Italia. And it is right in this chic context that the ExGalleria offers as the ideal solution to organise, set up and host various kinds of events: from a private party to graduation parties, from the presentation of products to meetings, from workshops to corporate parties going through photographic shoots and gala dinners. 

The space is perfect to host up to 100 guests, and is articulated over a total of 140 metres squared, with 5 metre high scenic ceilings: a modern sound proof system assures the best acoustic. Among the available services for meeting planners, ExGalleria guarantee a Sonos audio system, but also local catering, cloakroom, and two parking spaces. 

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