Facebook Events, here’s the stand alone app that manages the agenda of events

All the events, presentations, activities that one wants to participate to are available on an app. The convenience of a perfectly organised digital agenda comes from the kind of socials: Facebook has in fact recently announced the new application for smartphones dedicated to one’s events. 

Called Facebook Events, the app – which therefore becomes independent – is currently available on iOS, though shortly it will also be available for Android. In detail, the release promises to be a valid help also for meeting planners and organisers, as well as for potential participants: downloading the app it is in fact possible to identify the main events of one’s city created by the users of the social network, see those to which one’s contacts are subscribed and find out whether the pages of Facebook that interest us are planning events that we would like to attend. And, naturally, one can share the appointments with contacts on the social network. Very briefly, Events highlights all the dates scheduled, making available to those subscribed a constantly updated agenda. With Facebook Events, reports techfanpage, it will become simple to go through the events programmed and filtered based on one’s personal, professional interests or through the interactive map to discover all the closest or appealing activities. 

However the new app presents also more functions that improve the “classic” one: for example: it offers the possibility of synchronising the calendar of the application with the service calendars of other companies such as Apple or Google so as to avoid making commitments on the day of an event discovered through Facebook. For the future, new functions will be introduced, even related to advertising. Today the app can be downloaded only in the USA but the bigs of Menlo Park have announced that within some weeks it will land also in Europe. Only in 2015 the function Events of Facebook, before the debut of the app, had 47 million events listed. 


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