FICO Eataly World to debut in October 2017: a conference centre of 4 thousand metres squared for the Food Park in Bologna

It is called FICO Eataly World and it will come to light, just outside Bologan, in October 2017. Acronym of Fabbrica Italiana Contadina, FICO is the latest, ambitious project by Oscar Farinetti, patron of Eataly, who brought food and wine excellencies of Made in Italy all over the world. 

The official presentation of the initiative took place some days ago and now more details of the operation are known. First of all, the numbers: as written in the Il Sole 24 Ore, there will be a food products park of 80 thousand metres squared and 130 million Euro worth, that aims at saving the excellencies of the Italian chain: having from fields with two hectares of kitchen gardens and animal farms to manufacture, with 40 factories of transformation, up to catering, with 25 restaurants and markets. Moreover, there will be 10 halls for lectures and above all 4 thousand metres squared of pavilions for events for culture, meetings and leisure. 

"FICO is a simple project: it intends to be the largest space in the world to celebrate food products biodiversity and Italian food and wine. It is a tribute to the luck of being born on the 0.2% earth’s surface that has a unique micro-climate, thanks to the latitude and the protection of a good sea such as the Mediterranean and the Alps and Appenine mountains, that produces a record biodiversity. Together with Eataly we brought the Italian table to foreigners, with FICO we want that foreigners come here, to touch and taste live our land and its fruits. It is a project that unites a sense of duty to one of pleasure, ethics and fun, culture and carousel”, explains the founder of Eataly, Oscar Farinetti. 

According to the estimates of Eataly, FICO will bring about three thousand jobs and an average of 6 million visitors per year are expected, 2 million of which will be arriving from abroad. 


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