Isola d’Elba, new wedding destination. The credit for the international fame? Thanks to Tania Cagnotto

Just like the much loved Olympic champion Tania Cagnotto did some months ago, to Stefano Parolin. The images of their wedding day on Biodola beach, at the Hotel Hermitage, were published by various weekly magazines and bounced on many social networks. This event confirms in truth a growing trend, among the Italians as well as foreigners: there were really many, in fact, guests on holiday in Elba who, with pride and a lot of emotion, in 2016 have seen their children, friends and relatives getting married on this splendid Tuscan island. Each ceremony is different, for setting, execution, atmosphere, but all have in common the magic of the Isola d’Elba. “L’Isola d’Elba”, explains Rossella Celebrini, wedding planner of Isola d'Elba and organiser of Tania Cagnotto’s wedding “is a natural postcard and in a place like this one lives very intense moments and feelings. It often happens, therefore, that couples meet here and then, after a period of engagement, decide to return for their most special day. As happened to Tania and Stefano: both on holiday some time ago with other friends on the coasts of Elba, they ended up falling in love even of the island.”

Today, also, even the local councils are available to offer public places of particular charm for the celebrations and thus one can get married both on the beach in front of a wonderful sunset or at the Archaeological Museum of Linguella or in many other romantic corners. In the last years, as also in all of Tuscany, the phenomenon of tourists who get married on Isola d’Elba has risen, becoming at the same time also a new important tool of tourist promotion, even during medium/low season periods. The favourite months in fact are May-June and September-October, which are perfect both for the charm of the colours of the sea and of nature as well as the availability of facilities and businesses. “Getting married on an island is an experience that remains in one’s soul”, concludes Rossella Celebrini.

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