Oasi Zegna, a widespread location for MICE: out of the ordinary incentive immersed in nature

The Oasi Zegna presents itself to the MICE market. Found in a strategic position, a few kilometres away from Tuin and Milan, in a portion of the Alpine arch that has been spared from mass tourism and from the savage cementification, the Oasi Segna is a protected area capable of facilities, personnel and perfect offers for events and incentives, particularly for companies interested in events of an exclusive nature, reserved and very original.

“Oasi Segna, your corporate experience place”: this is the claim presenting a package of ideas, dedicated to business travel, of Oasi Zegna, a project of ample breath on which the Natural Park has decided to aim for the coming years. The receptive facilities of the protected areas are equipped with all the technological equipment necessary to host corporate meetings, conventions and workshops and a dedicated and well prepared personnel. The partners of Oasi Zegna organise, also, personalised formative itineraries  – indoor and outdoor – on the main management topics, organising, selling skills, giving life to team building events and unique incentives together complex and important space for art exhibitions, complete with meeting room and catering room. Add also the various receptive facilities capable of satisfying the most different of client needs, from the Bucaneve Hotel, with 50 seat meeting room and wellness area, to the more traditional Locanda Bocchetto Sessera; for an unusual lunch, Oasi Zegna offers the Alpen Stube Restaurant, found inside the circuit of the Oasi Zegna Endure Bike Park. For activities, the menu offered is rather varied: from the traditional nordic walking, paragliding, mountain bike or trekking, up to the more unusual forest bathing and smile woods, ideal to regenerate and support deep balance and wellbeing. The offer varies according to the season and the needs of the clients. 

For the companies who intend to involve their collaborators in unusual activities, various offers have been created: those who would like to stimulate the capacity of working in a group, but also the capacities of leadership, Oasi Zegna suggests Expedition Experience, an alpine climb on one of the tops of the Oasis, with a base camp set up and also location of food resources; or the Orienteering Experience, an orientation challenge in the higher part of Val Sessera with compasses, maps and interpretation of natural signs, a real challenge for all participants. Or else, to work on the capability of problem solving and self-control, apart from leadership, there is Survivor Experience, with the aim of surviving for 36 hours in the high Val Sessera with nothing: the participants will have to built utensils, find drinking water, light fire, build a shelter for the night a locate food. 



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