Rome, La Nuvola just after five months from the beginning of its activities has already generated business for 12 million Euros

There is truly great satisfaction at the Roma Convention Group, a company that is controlled 100% by EUR SpA, which co-ordinates the management of the conference system and conventions of EUR, that is the Roma Convention Center La Nuvola and the Palazzo dei Congressi. 

The economic balance closed in fact on the 31st December 2016 with an increase in turnover of about 53% compared to the previous year, thanks to the operative activity of the Roma Convention Center La Nuvola, operative on the market since the 29th October 2016, as reported by Monitorimmobiliare. And the possiblities are absolutely positive, as emphasised by Enrico Pazzali CEO of the Roma Convention Group: “The results obtained during 2016 highlight a positive management of the compay, that allowed to cover all the start-up costs to launch the Roma Convention Center La Nuvola, as well as to proceed to a saving of credit devaluation funds for previous positions considered at risk to be recovered. During these first 4 months and 20 days since its start of the commercial activity, which does not yet benefit from the marketing and business marketing activities necessary, one must say, to compete on the global market of great events, the interest in La NUvola has already generated for the coming years about fifty contract for a value, just for the rental of the conference facility La Nuvola, of over 12 million Euros. Considering – as often expressed by the experts – 3/5 years are necessary to reach the maximum market potential, the events already hosted, together with those advertised for future years and negotiations in progress, prove in fact a strong interest from convention buyers and PCOs for a highly attractive facility in terms of functionality, versatility and beauty.”

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Roberto Diacetti, Chairman of the Roma Convention Group, concluded: “The excellent results obtained confirm the capacity of Roma Convention Group to operate on highly dynamic markets, are in line with the objectives of consolidating and strengthening the competitiveness of the conference system of EUR and its host territory, to arrive at becoming a leader for the promotion of destination Rome, with a pulling effect on the local economy and therefore expanding to a more general interest.”

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