Sports and music events are good for incoming: in Italy this market has increased by 6.29% in a year

Tourism led by the consumption of musical and sports events is a reality that is gaining larger weight in Italy as much as abroad, becoming a real lever for incoming. Always more people move to be able to attend big sports competitions, internationally acclaimed artists’ tours or who – within a pleasure tour – insert the visit of local events as an essential part of their experience. 

And Italy has a fundamental role: in the classification of countries who have registered the most number of ticket sales from abroad since January 2016 to date, our Country is in fact in fifth place, preceded only by the United Kingdom, Spain, France and Brazil. The data is the result of the annual report on event consumption in Italy (and on a global level) by foreign users put together by Ticketbis, the ticket resale company present in over 50 Countries and recently acquired by the American StubHub (eBay Inc.). As far as events that have generated the most traffic goes the Final of Champions League celebrated in Milan is in the first place worldwide for the international sale of tickets (that is non Italian users, in this case) on the Platform. In second and third place follow respectively – looking only at the sales of countries other than the hosting one – the games of Barcellona-Arsenal and Barcellona-Real Madrid, both played at Camp Not. Football therefore results as the main attraction and motor of events tourism on a worldwide level. 

In the ranking of the most sold events on the Platform and on a global level (putting together the sales in the hosting country and abroad), there are three concerts on top of the list: in order these are the concert of Iron Maiden in San Paolo Brazil, that of the Guns N’ Roses in Beunos Aires in Argentina and that of Coldplay in Barcellona. Looking in detail at our Country, on the total of events celebrated on the territory in 2016, Italy registers a 33, 03% sales coming from abroad (info referring to the total sales on the website), thanks to the Final of Champions League and large international concerts, compared to 66.97% of national sales. An excellent result of +6.29% compared to 2015, when international sales represented only 26.74% of the total against 73.26% of national sales. On the total of the tickets acquired abroad, 71.65% regarded sports events (almost all of which were  A Series football games), 24.60% were musical events (concerts and festivals) and 3.75% theatrical events. In total, the great happenings in Italy have seen the participation of travellers coming from 47 different nationalities. 

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